Hello everyone! We are going to try some online Godspell collaborations in lieu of our full show that we were hoping to do. The idea is to have these pieces be a part of the Knox worship service on May 17th.  We will do these through the Acapella app on your phones. Here are the instructions for using the app:

  • Once you have the app installed, click on the links below to load each song, click on the big empty box and sing your part!
  • When you are done, click share at the top and then MAKE SURE TO CLICK COLLABORATE IN THE MIDDLE OPTIONS, and then send to me via email (dannett@knox.org) or text (513-477-9723).
  • Try to set your phone down on something so it remains still and steady. Get a nice frame of your shoulders and head. If you are doing motions you can move back a touch so we can see your arms.
  • Choose a quiet location in which to record so that there is not a lot of background noise with your voice.
  • Please get these back to me as soon as you can! It will really help in the editing to have as much time as possible. Absolute last-minute deadline is Friday, May 10…. but again, SOONER IS BETTER!

Let me know if you have any questions! We will be trying some scenes as well, and I will reach out to some of you individually about those.


Prepare Ye

Nick and Amanda will start us off on the solo portion. Everyone make sure to look at the camera the whole time, even in the beginning when you are not singing!

Save the People

Day By Day

Here is the info for Day by Day. Libby will sing the lead on this tune. Amanda and Ella, please make sure to capture the sign language for us! Everyone else should jump in with the sign language when we sing.

Beautiful City

Here is the info for Beautiful City. Gabby will sing the lead on this tune.