Opportunities for you to help Knox mission partners

Our mission partners continue to serve their communities with dedication, and often with sacrifice. Here’s an update on what they’re doing, and addresses to send cards, artwork or other tokens of love.

Third Presbyterian Church (3358 McHenry Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225)

Third is Knox’s partner church in East Westwood. Third has a remarkable program of caring for the people, especially children and youth. This includes several programs which feed and distribute food to those in need.

Cranston Presbyterian Church (200 Union St New Richmond, OH 45157)

Cranston serves New Richmond, Ohio, a community where more than half of all children receive subsidized or free lunches at school. This is the church where Dave serves as Pastor!

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) (990 Nassau St, Cincinnati, OH 45206)

IHN is providing long-term shelter-in-place facilities for homeless and at-risk families in Cincinnati. Knox hosts rotations of homeless families every few months, but will instead pay for hotel rooms during our rotation weeks so the families can remain isolated as well.

Childhood Food Solutions (2573 St Leo Pl, Cincinnati, OH 45225)

Delivers food to children who are missing out on free and reduced lunches that they used to get at school. The program is in high demand right now with kids out of school for the foreseeable future.